Tuesday 21 June 2016

European Commission's Guidebook Series: How to Support SME Policy from Structural Funds

European Commission, Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry launches "Guidebook Series: How to Support SME Policy from Structural Funds". Presently the series includes eleven guidebooks related to innovation in SMEs and availability of structural funds for SMEs. Each guidebook deals with a specific area of SME policy and includes examples of recent projects. A general guide provides an overview of the whole process.

The titles published so far in the "Guidebook Series: How to Support SME Policy from Structural Funds" (Download each Guidebook by clicking on individual title):
  1. Building Entrepreneurial Mind-sets and Skills in the EU: A Smart Guide on promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship education for young people with the help of EU structural funds
  2. Using Standards to Support Growth, Competitiveness and Innovation
  3. Facilitating Transfer of Business
  4. The Smart Guide to Service Innovation: How to better capitalise on service innovation for regional structural change and industrial modernisation
  5. Regional implementation of the SBA – Small Business Act for Europe
  6. How to Use Structural Funds for SME & Entrepreneurship Policy
  7. Supporting the Internationalisation of SMEs
  8. Public Procurement as a Driver of Innovation in SMEs and Public Services
  9. Fostering Business Angel Activities in Support of SME Growth
  10. Improving Resource Efficiency in SMEs
  11. Smart Guide to Cluster Policy

These guidebooks will surely be useful to SMEs operating in the emerging countries and BRICS nations.

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