Monday 12 September 2016

New Report | Road from Paris: Ensuring Effective and Equitable Climate Action | ORF, New Delhi

Road from Paris: Ensuring Effective and Equitable Climate Action
edited by Vikrom Mathur and Aniruddh Mohan. Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2016.

Abstract: The Paris Agreement has charted a new course in a two-decade old effort to respond to global climate change. The Agreement balances bottom-up national contributions with top-down rules for review, transparency and collective consideration of overall adequacy. This book brings together a collection of essays which analyse how the themes of adaptation and resilience; energy transitions and technology innovation; climate finance and; the role of non-state actors in the evolving climate regime will develop under the new framework. Addressing a complex challenge like climate change will require action at multiple levels by a diverse set of actors; building trust and legitimacy in the eyes of actors, across a range of goals, will be central to the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Table of Contents
Foreword | JM Mauskar
We'll Always Have Paris | Vikrom Mathur, Aniruddh Mohan
Future Directions | Steve Rayner
Implications for Adaptation, Loss And Damage | Ian Fry
A Matter of Capabilities | Heleen de Coninck
Energy-Climate Innovation | John Alic
Energy Transitions in China | Wang Tao
The Technology Challenge | Anand Patwardhan
Bridging the Climate Finance Gap | Aled Jones
Climate Action Beyond Mitigation and the Global North | Sander Chan
Contextualizing and Linking Climate Commitments | Amy Weinfurter
Building Trust and Legitimacy | Vikrom Mathur, Aniruddh Mohan

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