Monday 14 May 2018

New Book "Women Scientists in India: Lives, Struggles, Achievements" | by Anjana Chattopadhyay, NBT

Women Scientists in India: Lives, Struggles, Achievements
by Anjana Chattopadhyay, National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2018, 492 pages, ISBN 9788123781440.

About the Book
The book is a landmark study focusing on rare facts related to the pioneering women scientists of India. It provides an overview of their relentless struggles and achievements that changed the course of science in India. The book has also covered the thrilling stories of foreign women missionaries who worked relentlessly for the wellbeing of people in India. The author has made an attempt to unfold the stories of great women scientists who remain hidden in scattered historical pages of unknown documents including newspapers, journals, dissertations and travelogues.

About the Author
Dr. Anjana Chattopadhyay (b. 1950), former Director General of Delhi Public Library System, was educated in University of Delhi and Annamalai University. She did her PhD from University of Bundelkhand. She served as the Deputy Librarian of the Jawaharlal Nehru University as well as Director, National Medical Library. During her tenure at various organisations, she had initiated several innovative programmes to make knowledge resources reachable to all. She started Electronic Resources in Medicine (ERMED), a network to provide free full-texts of articles from global journals to medical communities, including those, who are stationed at remote corners of the country. Dr. Anjana Chattopadhyay has written several articles and contributed many chapters in books. Besides, she has authored a series of books including Encyclopaedia of Indian Scientists (1995) and Dictionary of Indian Scientists (2002).

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