Monday 14 May 2018

New Book "Dignity in the Legal and Political Philosophy of Ronald Dworkin"

Dignity in the Legal and Political Philosophy of Ronald Dworkin
edited by Salman Khurshid, Lokendra Malik, and Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2018, 511 pages, hardback, ISBN: 9780199484171.

About the Book: Well-known for his contribution to the juristic world, Professor Ronald Dworkin was an outstanding legal philosopher of his generation. This volume celebrates the thoughts of Ronald Dworkin on dignity. The contributors have critically engaged with different perspectives of Dworkin's thoughts on dignity. The aim is to shed light on juridical and moral contemporary conundrums such as the role of dignity in constitutional contexts in India, and the understanding of dignity as either a foundation of human rights or as a supra value that illuminates other values and rights.
The volume is divided into four parts. The first part 'Integrity, Values, Interpretation, and Objectivity' focuses on Dworkin's interpretive methodology and examines the way his value holism relies on his interpretative methodology. The second part 'Dignity, Responsibility, and Free Will' concentrates on elucidating the complex relationship between dignity, human will, and responsibility in Dworkin's moral, legal, and political philosophy. In the third part 'Freedom of Speech, Right to Privacy, and Rights', the authors use Dworkin's philosophical moral framework and the interpretative methodology to shed light on his own views on freedom of speech and the language of rights, including human rights. The fourth part 'Dignity, Constitutions, and Legal Systems' critically discusses Dworkin's interpretative methodology to understand dignity in the context of constitutions, state, and law beyond the state. With contributions from eminent scholars across the world, the present volume will help in disseminating Dworkin's rich jurisprudential thoughts.

Table of Contents
Foreword | John Finnis
Introduction | Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco
Part I Integrity, Values, Interpretation, and Objectivity 
Ronald Dworkin: Life and Works | Lokendra Malik
Integrity and Truth in Law's Empire | Jonathan Crowe
Dworkin's Perfectionism | James E. Fleming and Linda C. McClain
Interpretation in Normative Domains | Alexander Brown
Justice, Integrity, and the Common Law | Trevor R.S. Allan
Taking (Human) Dignity and Rights Seriously: The Integrated Legal, Moral, and Political Philosophy of Ronald Dworkin | Imer Flores
Are There Any Interpretative Concepts? | Pritam Baruah 
Part II Dignity, Responsibility, and Free Will 
Interpreting Human Dignity | Allen W. Wood
Dworkin's Dignity Under the Lens of the Magician of K├Ânisberg | Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco
Does Dignity Help in Thinking about Paternalism | Barbara Baum Levenbook
Dignity, Rights, and Virtues in the Department of Values | Isabel Trujillo 
Part III Freedom of Speech, Right to Privacy, and Human Rights 
Dignity and Free Speech | David Richards
Ronald Dworkin and Free Speech | James Allan
Exit Hercules: Ronald Dworkin and the Crisis of the Age of Rights | Lorenzo Zucca 
Part IV Dignity, Constitutions, and Legal Systems 
Revamping Associative Obligations | George Pavlakos
Dworkinian Dignity: Rights and Responsibilities of a Life Well Lived | Erin Daly
Ronald Dworkin's Judge: Philosopher Master of Rights | Salman Khurshid
A Dworkinian Reading of the Indian Constitution | Suhrith Parthasarathy
A Dworkinian Right to Privacy in New Zealand | Mark Bennett and Petra Butler 
Afterword | Justice A.K. Sikri

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