Friday 11 May 2018

New Book "Shadow Libraries: Access to Knowledge in Global Higher Education"

Shadow Libraries: Access to Knowledge in Global Higher Education
Edited by Joe Karaganis; The MIT Press, International Development Research Centre, & the American Assembly at Columbia University, 2018, 313 pages, ISBN: 9780262535014.

About the Book: Examining the new ecosystems of access that are emerging in middle- and low-income countries as opportunities for higher education expand but funding for materials shrinks.
Even as middle- and low-income countries expand their higher education systems, their governments are retreating from responsibility for funding and managing this expansion. The public provision of educational materials in these contexts is rare; instead, libraries, faculty, and students are on their own to get what they need. Shadow Libraries explores the new ecosystem of access, charting the flow of educational and research materials from authors to publishers to libraries to students, and from comparatively rich universities to poorer ones. In countries from Russia to Brazil, the weakness of formal models of access was countered by the growth of informal ones. By the early 2000s, the principal form of access to materials was informal copying and sharing. Since then, such unauthorized archives as Libgen, Gigapedia, and Sci-Hub have become global "shadow libraries," with massive aggregations of downloadable scholarly materials.
The chapters consider experiments with access in a range of middle- and low-income countries, describing, among other things, the Russian samizdat tradition and the connection of illicit copying to resistance to oppression; BiblioFyL, an online archive built by students at the University of Buenos Aires; education policy and the daily practices of students in post-Apartheid South Africa; the politics of access in India; and copy culture in Brazil.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction: Access from Above, Access from Below | Joe Karaganis
2 The Genesis of Library Genesis: The Birth of a Global Scholarly Shadow Library | Balázs Bodó
3 Library Genesis in Numbers: Mapping the Underground Flow of Knowledge | Balázs Bodó
4 Argentina: A Student-Made Ecosystem in an Era of State Retreat | Evelin Heidel
5 Access to Learning Resources in Post-apartheid South Africa | Eve Gray and Laura Czerniewicz
6 Poland: Where the State Ends, the Hamster Begins | Mirosław Filiciak and Alek Tarkowski
7 India: The Knowledge Thief | Lawrence Liang
8 Brazil: The Copy Shop and the Cloud | Pedro Mizukami and Jhessica Reia
9 Coda: Uruguay | Jorge Gemetto and Mariana Fossatti


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