Saturday 17 December 2016

New Book | Trinity for Development, Democracy and Sustainability | by RIS, India, 2016

Trinity for Development, Democracy and Sustainability
by Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), New Delhi, India, 2016, ISBN: 8171221238.

What evolved as a partnership among India, Brazil and South Africa at economic fora in late nineties eventually emerged as IBSA - a strong grouping of democracies from the South. The coming together of these countries provided a major impetus to the very idea of South-South Cooperation (SSC). In the beginning of this century, the Trinity from the South represented leading economies in the respective continents and represented complementary strengths and capabilities that could be exploited for mutual benefit. The shared political and economic history and similar development experiences provided further heft needed for the broad base of the engagement. 
The brief history of this grouping is extremely rich and needs to be preserved and be proud of. It has to be protected from associated angularities and external influences. IBSA partnership has great potential to make a major contribution to the economic development of the three subregions across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In this regard, issues such as IBSA and global governance, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), S&T cooperation, IBSA Trust Fund, among others, assume great significance. Keeping this perspective in view, RIS has brought out this Report. 
The Report has been prepared by the RIS Research Team and focuses on the current facets of IBSA in terms of global-strategies, protagonism on SSC, social sector commitments, S&T cooperation and collaborative strategy to achieve SDGs, IBSA Trust Fund and its effectiveness. 
I am sure the Report would serve as an important policy research reference by all policymakers, academics, practitioners and other stakeholders associated with deepening development cooperation among IBSA countries in the broader context of promoting SSC and implementation of SDGs Agenda.
Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi | Director General, RIS

Foreword by Ambassador Shyam Saran, Chairman, RIS
Preface by Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, Director General, RIS
I. IBSA and Global Geo-strategies
II. Brazil, India and South Africa: Key Proponents of South-South Cooperation
III. IBSA Fund for Alleviation of Poverty and Hunger
IV. S&T Cooperation for Sustainable Development and Beyond in IBSA
V. Sharing of Social Sector Experiences in IBSA: Way Forward
VI. IBSA: Health Sector Cooperation Past, Present and Future

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