Monday 24 October 2016

Ecological Wisdom in the New Urban Era | Current Science, Guest Editorial

Ecological Wisdom in the New Urban Era

Guest Editorial by Harini Nagendra. Current Science, 111 (8), 25 October 2016, 1283-1284.

The 21st century is increasingly referred to as the urban era. By 2050, two thirds of humanity will squeeze into congested urban environments. More than 90% of this urban growth will come from Asia and Africa, with three countries – India, China and Nigeria – accounting for 37% of the increase (United Nations, World Urbanization Prospects: The 2014 Revision. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, New York, 2014). By 2050, estimations indicate that India will add as many as 404 million people to its burgeoning cities and towns. Of the world's ten largest cities, three are located in India – Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Three of the world's ten fastest growing cities are in India as well – Ghaziabad, Surat and Faridabad. ...

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