Monday 10 September 2018

Journal of Scientometric Research, 7(2) 2018 issue is now online.

Journal of Scientometric Research

Vol 7, Issue 2, May-Aug, 2018

Research Articles

  • Data-Mining the Foundational Patents of Photovoltaic Materials: An Application of Patent Citation Spectroscopy. by Jordan A. Comins, Loet Leydesdorff. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):79-83
  • Robotics Research in India: A Scientometric Assessment of Indian Publications Output during 2007-16. by B. M. Gupta,S. M. Dhawan. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):84-93
  • Journal Impact Factor Weighted by SJR and 5-Year IF indicators of Citing Sources. by Ramiz M. Aliguliyev,Narmin A. Adigozalova. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):94-106
  • The Slow Progress of Library and Information Science Research in Africa. by Swapan Kumar Patra,G. Mahesh. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):107-113.

Research Notes

  • Use of NoSQL Database and Visualization Techniques to Analyze Massive Scholarly Article Data from Journals. by Gouri Ginde,Snehanshu Saha,Archana Mathur,Harsha Vamsi,Sudeepa Roy Dey,Swati Sampatrao Gambhire. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):114-119.
  • Genealogy Tree: Understanding Academic Lineage of Authors via Algorithmic and Visual Analysis. by Sandra Anil,Abu Kurian,Sudeepa Roy Dey,Snehanshu Saha,Ankit Sinha. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):120-124.


Book Reviews

  • The Innovation Paradox- Developing-Country Capabilities and the Unrealised Promise of Technological Catch-Up. by Ashish Gosain. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):127-129.
  • Changing Context of Labour from Agro+Industrial Society to Knowledge Society. by Bidyarthi Dutta. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):130-132.
  • Conflicts of Interest: My Journey Through India's Green Movement. by Anwesha Borthakur. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):133-135
  • India as a Pioneer of Innovation. by Ashish Gosain. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):136-141.
  • Data Management: A Practical Guide for Librarians. by Raj Kumar Bhardwaj. Journal of Scientometric Research,7(2):142-144.


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