Tuesday 27 November 2018

New Report "Data Localisation in a Globalised World: An Indian Perspective"

Data Localisation in a Globalised World: An Indian Perspective
by The Dialogue, C/O Foundation for Progressive Narrative, November 2018.

Abstract: India is ushering into a crucial juncture, more than seventy years after independence. The country is taking important strides towards emerging as a middle-income economy, provide jobs to millions of people, take global leadership on issues of geopolitical importance and stake claim for a growing superpower. In all of this, data and technology will play a fundamental role for India going forward. If the 20th century brought the promise of the Internet as a decentralised and self-regulating space, the 21st century is marked by battles over the control of data. This study aims to study the impact of data localisation from various perspectives, analyse the government's objectives towards implementation of such policy, identifies alternate policy mechanisms that we believe are better suited to drive home the objectives as opposed to blanket data localisation. Some of the key highlights in this report include the Cross-Border Data Flow Fundamental, Huge Costs to Mandatory Data Localisation, Organic Data Storage through Progressive Policies, and Alternative Policy Mechanisms.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Cross-border Data Flows and Why They Matter
Chapter 2: Data Localization Driving Domestic Protectionism
Chapter 3: Sub-optimal Impact Of Forced Data Localisation
Chapter 4: Data Localization and the Indian Context
Chapter 5: Analysing the Motivation Behind Data Localization In India
Chapter 6: Alternative Policy Mechanisms
Chapter 7: Greater International Cooperation
Chapter 9: Towards Making India A Big Data Centre Hub
Chapter 10: Comparative Analysis With Other Nations
Chapter 11: Sectoral Analysis
Chapter 12: Content and Thematic Analysis


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