Friday 5 October 2018

New Report | "Future of Work in India: Inclusion, Growth and Transformation – An Enterprise Survey" | by T Chapman, S Saran, R Sinha, S Kedia & S Gutta; ORF & WEF

Future of Work in India:  Inclusion, Growth and Transformation – An Enterprise Survey
by Terri Chapman, Samir Saran, Rakesh Sinha, Suchi Kedia and Sriram Gutta; the Observer Research Foundation and the World Economic Forum, 2018, ISBN: 9789388262323.

About the Report: The future of work in India is uncertain, but full of opportunities. This report answers key questions around the present and future of transformative technology in India and its impact on job creation, workplaces, employment trends, and the nature of work itself. This report outlines findings from the Future of Work, Education and Skills Enterprise Survey. Data was collected from 774 companies in India, from micro-sized firms to those employing more than 25,000 workers. It presents findings on the pace of technological adoption and digitization among Indian companies, and its impact on job creation, displacement and the nature of work. In addition to the effects of the changing nature of jobs on wages, contracts, protections and security. Finally, the report includes recommendations for policies, programmes and action needed for India to leverage the possibilities of technological disruption, manage the associated risks, and enhance its preparedness for the future of work in the digital age.  

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 The Vision
3 Methodology
4 Technology Adoption and Digitisation Among Indian Firms
5 Technology Driven Job Creation and Destruction
6 Enhancing Job Quality
7 Conclusion
Appendix / Industry Overviews: Textiles, Banking and Financial Services, Logistics, and Retail


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